Reflection 14 : EdutechNovation Day & Last Class ~~~


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and Hello everybody~~

Okay, we met again, but this time, it was the last time. YES, FOR THE LAST TIME. *sigh*, there would be no longer reflection from me in this blog. Huhuhu. But, its okay, since i will always be in your heart right?? (Perasan!!), but, I realized that this is probably not the last time, maybe we can meet again later? Who knows right?

Okey, basically, today was the day that had been waiting for since last week. This day finally came and I am all prepared to attend this class. As usual, we were the last group to present our video.

Firstly, the program on today started with the short speech from the dean, Pro. Dr. Lilia Halim. She was talk about being innovative in today’s profession was compulsory since the challenge was not like before. Teachers nowadays needs to be Computer Savvy since kids nowadays are so good with internet. After her speech, she also asked us to enjoy the nasi lemak provided later on.

Below is the picture of our beloved dean.

After that, the dean had to leave our class since she had some important things to do later on.

After the speech, now our program on that day officially began. The first group to present their videos was Imran’s group. The title of their video is “Back Then”. Basically, the message that they want to convey in this video is how the world’s change nowadays, until all the good values of a teenager had faded away unlike the old time teenagers. In my point of view, they were producing such a good video with a nice message to be seen on the video. Plus, I love Shasha and Ustaz character snce they were the character that lived up the whole story. I love Nisa and Nadia too! They were great and totally suitable to play the old time teenager characters.

Meran Movies Production

(credit to : Yasmin Khairani)

These were some of their pictures during presentation~~

(credit to : Mr Faisal)

The next group to present was Farahafizah’s Group. For me, they were also produced such a great video! The title of the video is “Sahabat”. Basically, their video was about the friendship between 5 people, with one person that have a huge difference of age, which is Kak Ana. Kak Ana is 32 years old and the others are 20 years old. They create the video creatively using “what is true friends for?” . FnS is the main character in the video.  The sweetest part was probably when at the end of the meeting with the friend, she gave them a lettered biscuit that stand for the initial of each one of them. At the end of the video, they combined the letters to create the acronym of their names. I just think this was such a brilliant idea!

Shafasafiratin Production

(credit to : Yasmin Khairani)

These were the pictures of them during the presentation

(credit to : Mr Faisal)

The next group to present was Kita Kita Production. This group was basically presenting their videos about the environment. They basically want to emphasize about how polluted our earth nowadays because of humans attitudes. People like to litter everywhere, without realized that it can affect our earth actually. I like the way they tried to convey the message in the simplest and fun ways. We are not stressed watching their video since the conveying of the messages were understandable.

Kita Kita Production

(credit to : Yasmin Khairani)

These were the pictures of them during presentation

(credit to : Mr Faisal)

The next group to present is Futurama Production. Basically, this group was created a video that tells about healthy lifestyle. They climbed the Broga Hill in order to create this video! OMG! That would be such a tiring experienced right?? But for me, if you had a weight problem and you able to go to Broga, that would be such a great experienced! Yes, it is! I never been there before but I am interested to go there later. They create the video in a relaxing way, by interviewing the respondent about why they choose to go there and how many times they go there. Plus, they also stated on how to enjoy outdoor activities with friends or families so that we can lead a better lifestyle. Going out sometimes can really let your stress go out without even trying hard! You just need to enjoy it.

These were the pictures of them during the presentation

(credit to : Mr Faisal)

The next group is ChaCha Creation group. They were presenting about the importance of to keep performed your pray eventhough you are about to go to some place. They were using a hobby to travel as a medium in order to convey the message to the audience. Yes, it was undeniable that praying is very important as a Muslim, so even you are travelling, Islam give you freedom to perform a type of pray specially for you that called “Solat Jamak”. It means that you are shorting/”himpunkan” two pray times into one. So, it won’t take your lot of times right? They were using a techniques that hard to be used according to Puan Hazrati. It was because the message conveyed directly to the audience using this techniques.

ChaCha Creation

(credit to : Yasmin Khairani)

These were their picture during the presentation

(credit to : Mr Faisal)

The last but not least group to present was, of course my group, Last Minute Production. I don’t want to talk a lot about my group but honestly, the process of making this video to me is such a great yet tiring experienced. It was great to present this video in front all of the lecturer, Ummi and all the facilitators and friends. The exciting feeling totally made my day and I am glad that finally we can show everything we got to them.

Last Minute Production

(credit to : Atikah Hajar)

These were pictures of us during that day

(credit to : Mr Faisal)

Finally, after all of the presentation, we enjoyed the time when we take the pictures altogether! It was a great moments when everybody becomes crazy in front of the camera. These were some of it!

Wargghh!! What a memories!! =(, basically, I am sad because this class come to end already~~ The experienced, ups and downs, made me feel how precious those moments were! So, last words from me:

I would like to say, thank you so much to Ummi  and all of the facilitators that had guide me so well for this past 14 weeks. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, you are the greatest persons ever that I have met. Thanks for all the knowledge that you give me, i will never forgot that. Plus, I would like to say thank you so much to all of my TESL friends, you guys awesome!! Hopefully, we can create more memories together.

Lastly, good luck guys for this upcoming examination. Hopefully we will pass with flying colours!! Gituuu! Study hard, smart and anything in between yarh~~

That’s all from me, no more next week post, no more “Assalamualaikum’ gifs from me~~ Hehehe.

This time, really goodbye~~~ Assalamualaikum~~ =)

Goodbye everybody ~~ (with tears falling down)~~~


Week 13 : Adobe Photoshop & Presentation Day !!


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and Happy Friday ~~ (as usual, google image, here I come, hehe)

So how’s your day?? As for me, today was a great day! Lots of positive things happened to me as I am managed to woke up early to go to my Thinking Skills class. I woke early unlike my previous class since I am very ‘Semangat Waja’ for today’s class. Actually, although I am quite happy for my great achievement this week, but, this week was the last week of today’s class before we proceed on our presentation day. This means that, there are no longer Kak Ana, Mr Helmi, Ummi’s sweet voice and all the facilitators that never tired to guide us for this course. =(. Although this course actually takes a lot of our times and energy, but the experienced that we gained from this was veryyyy good to us since we will be a teacher. But, I realised that every start must comes to an end, that’s what life is all about right??

Okeyyy, before I getting far from today’s topics, let’s get started. For today’s topic, we were learned about Adobe Photoshop from Mr Helmi. OMG! I think that this was most difficult one to learned among all! But after some time, it getting fun and actually it was pretty easy to use this software. We just need to get used to its steps and tadaaaa!! We can used and mastered it through some examples from Mr Helmi. Fortunately, Mr. Helmi is a person that will always monitor  everything that we do. He will asked us if we missed the steps and will explained it all over again to all of us.

So for me, which can be classified as a slow learner for this kind of thing, I am pretty happy about this. I can learned about this more so that I can practiced to use it later on. In my opinion, Adobe Photoshop was one great software that can be used anytime as long as you know the correct way to handle it.

According to Wikipedia, Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. This is the example of Adobe Photoshop software pictures.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Workspace.png

These are the examples of Adobe Photoshop works.

Wow! Adobe Photoshop is a really great software right? You can edit almost anything that you want.

Next one was Pn Hazrati session. For her session, we were reminded about our presentation day, that will be on 21/12/2012. So Pn Hazrati remind us about the things that need to be prepared for that day. Basically, there were three things that should be reminded to be done before that day.

(1) Poster (Film concept)

(2) Video

(3) Slides

WOW! Another loads of works right? But, I am prepared for all of this. These can be done through a group work right? So I am not that worried.

The things that I worried the most is my video. Since, I am the main cast, lots of things need to be done, especially the voice over part. I need to prepare my own script and need to record the voice as soon as possible since that maybe the hardest part of all, except the editing part of course.

For the video progression, basically, 70% of it was done actually. Just need to edit and do some other stuffs too. But, I am totally confident that we can present our videos next week with lots of joy together!

That’s all from me, thanks guys~~ See you again!

p/s : Before we end this, let’s be spirited again by this quotes since the busiest week will come soon~~



Reflection 12 : CASPER, Information Literacy & Video Editing


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and Hello everyone!! As usual, every Friday, we met again~~ =), Since early this morning, I am felt not-so-well because of my almost-insomnia thingy. I slept veryyy late last night and honestly, the feeling when you woke up the next morning was really not-good at all.

Or! Is it maybe because I got this???

Okeyy, that’s scary actually. BTW, hopefully my insomnia can be cured before its getting worst. Okayy, now, let’s get started! For this week, we had done lots of things and it takes about 2 hours for the facilitators to explain to us about these new knowledge. Basically, we had three session, 1st session was with Pn. Hazrati, 2nd was Puan Aida and the last segment was by En. Helmi. These three segments really help us a lot and we can applied this in our daily life plus our editing process, too.

(1) Pn. Hazrati’s Session

For this week , Pn. Hazrati teach us about CASPER Principle. CASPER Principle is the principle that normally applied in the presentation. CASPER is all about producing a good presentation slides show. Basically, CASPER is the mnemonic of Contrast, Alignment, Simplicity, Proximity, Emphasis and Repetition. If these six basic steps were followed, our slides will be able to attract more audiences. Plus, Pn. Hazrati also informed that this topic will be asked in the examination, so it should be better if I gave more attention on this.

(2) Puan Aida’s Session

Overall, this session was about the Information Literacy. Information Literacy is the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand. So basically, information literacy really helps us as a student to enhance our ability to find the information to be used in our assignment. The right information can be searched effectively using this skills so that we can produced a quality works later.

Plus, it is undeniable this topic is also will be in the final examination. So, it is not a waste at all to learn about this since it will help me in the examination later.

(3) En Helmi’s Session

For En. Helmi’s session, as usual, we learn about editing process. Honestly, when it comes to editing process, En. Helmi is the best! He can used Adobe, Adobe Premier, Final Cut and Photoshop really well. Normally, he will asked us to turn on the desktop and to follow whatever he said step by step in order to know the steps very well. I am glad to know all of this since it can helped us a lot later in our teaching period maybe. As a beginner, these seems hard to me but I am happy to know about this. It can increased our knowledge on this topic actually.

So that’s all from this week session. Hopefully next week session will be more fun and interesting than this week session.

Have a great and blessful weekend ya guys!!


Week 11 : Windows Live Movie Maker + Poster


Assalamulaikum w.b.t. and Hello guys ! Emm, I am doing this reflection veryyy early in the morning, at 6.40 a.m. . I am feeling so happy to start this reflection and I am feeling so much spirited right now. Hehe.

Hehe. Yeahh, that is how I am feeling this morning. *am I look too hyperactive?* BUT, its okayy since this means that I am ready to face the challenge for today. All right guys, lets get started. Before we continued with the usual plan which is learning about new things that is related to technology, Pn. Hazrati took over the class and explained to us once again about our hectic schedules. She once agin told us that we will have our big day on Week 14 and honestly, I don’t even want to remember that day since I am so nervous about the outcome of our video. But the time will come soon and  I should be prepared for that day to come.


Next,  Mr. Helmi took over the class. He teached us about Windows Live Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker (formerly known as Windows Live Movie Maker, codenamed Sundance, for Windows 7) is a video editing software that is a part of Microsoft’s Windows Essentials software suite. Windows Movie Maker offers the ability to create and edit videos and then publish them to SkyDrive, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr free of charge. (source : Wikipedia).

That is an example of Windows Movie Maker  software that widely used nowadays. In my point of view, this is such a cool software and we can used it easily since it possessed a simple ways of usage technique. For somebody like me that doesn’t know well about types of editing software, this software is probably the most suitable one to be choose. On top of that, it will be used to use this instead of any others editing software since I am using Windows 7 and it will be a lot easier for me to use it.

Next, En. Helmi also explained to us on how to import the audios, pictures and videos using this simple editing software. On top of that, he also explained to us that this software can also inserted texts, transitions to make sure that our video will be more interesting to watch later. A great and nice texts can really attract peoples to watch our video. Next, En. Helmi also explained on how to split our videos and also the MP3 to be insert to our video. After all the editing thingy, we learned on how to make credits. Credits basically contains our names and everything that will help us know our roles during our video making so that people will know about it.

Right after that, Ummi took the class for about 10 minutes to explain to us about the poster that need to be done to promote our video. This poster should be interesting enough in order to attract audience to come to our big day later. Unlike previous semester students, this semester we will design our poster by our own to show that we really put our best in our video. Ummi also told us that we are sligthly different from the other set of this course since we does not have  many assignments unlike the other set. We will be judged based on our video and also our seriousness on making this video.

To be honest, this is not the first time that I am using this software. But, after this class, my knowledge on this becoming more and more so that I can explored it more later. Hehe. I love this software and hopefully I can used it later during my study. That’s all from me and have a nice weekend guys ! Enjoy your life to the fullest okay ! Bye !

But, before that, let me share to you this one quotes that motivate me a lot. Hehe. (Now, its a reallyy goodbye) ^_^

Reflection 10 : Group Works Progress (Presenting The 1st Draft)


Assalamualaikum w.b.t and ONCE AGAIN, Hello guys~~ So, how’s your day??

Is it like this??

Orrr is it like this??

Hehehe. Whatever your day was, PLEASE be happy and positive as always yahhhh. It is simply because whatever you have right now, you should remember this..


Okey, for me, I am having a reallyy good morning this day. I am wake up early (because  I have class at 8) and my college look very foggy and calm this morning! I love this kind of weather early in the morning it was totally made me happy!

So basically, that’s how my college looks like every single morning and it is not too much if I am said that I am sleep very well because of this. Hehehe. Okey, enough with the talk, lets get going to the real  topic. For this week , we are asked to present our first draft of the video in order for the facilitators to give their comments so that we can improved our videos.

The first group that presented first at that day is Farahafizah’s group with their theme of the video is “Friendship”. Watching their trailer really made me impressed so much with their work. The only thing I can said here was they are totally awesome and I am confident that they will produced a great video! 😀

The second group to present is Fahmi’s group. They were making a video about their meaningful journey to Broga Hill. In my opinion, it was such a great moment although they maybe lacked some good angle to shoot during the video. It was hard I guessed to climb Broga Hill since all of them sweating very much and they had to wake veryyy early in order to enjoy the sunrise in Broga.

The third group to present is Imran’s group. Their ideas is very good since they will made a video that is related to family issues. It was a great idea since this issue had been a hot topic nowadays among the mass media. They will shoot their video around Bangi in order for them to cut the cost.

The next group is Adira’s group. They are presenting their work personally through En. Helmi and Puan Hazrati and not presenting their work in front of us.

Last but not least, my group is the last group to present. We also made it personal since our work is not good enough to be shown in class. Huhu. En. Helmi told us to be careful with the duration of the videos and please don’t make it too long. Basically, he like our idea but we need more to be creative in the process of the video making.

So, that’s all from me. I hope that you will have a great weekend and please be happy okay. Till then, assalamualaikum and bye guys~~~ 😀

Week 7-8-9 Reflection = Let’s Clear Everything !! ^_^


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and Hello Guys!! ^_^ ( Tak jawab dosa)~~ Hehe.

So, before I started, lets say~~~

It is simply because whenever we want to start something, it should be better if we start it with Basmallah. Insya Allah, all of our hard work will have a full blessing from Allah S.W.T. 😀 😀 😀

So, as usual, we meet again like the previous weeks. For this week, we are asked by Ummi to combined all of the three weeks which are Week 7, 8 and 9 in this reflection. This is going to be fun since I am amazingly ready to letting out everything that I know for this week reflection. And, I have a good news, I am becoming MORE and MORE happy whenever I know that I will write the reflection~~ :D. It is because writing this reflection every week becoming my routine and honestly, it is fun!!

That’s just a way to motivate me, so yeah, sorry for that ~~ =), OKAYYYY, lets get started for REAL. Yes, for REAL.


Firstly, in today’s class, we are asked by Ummi to brainstorm and organize everything for our creative final presentation day. Puan Hazrati handled everything very well and we also give everything that we have in our head in order to improve our video presentation later. On top of that, there is an idea that we will invite others lecturer to watch our creative presentation on that lucky day. OMG! it will be embarassing! But, I am still stay positive by saying that It should be okay since it shows that we worked so hard for our video. So it would be like a little appreciation for our hard work too right?? Hehe.

some of the ideas that have been achieved are :

(1) Make posters for the publicity purpose

(2) Prepare bloopers during the recording of the video

(3) Each group will have a site that will tell everything that been done since the first day of the recording

(4) Group blog should be updated

(5) Posters that displays everything that we worked on our video

On top of that, we also recorded our video to be uploaded on the Youtube by En. Helmi. The purpose of this video is to show us the different angle of camera that we can be used during our shooting later. This different angle should be applied to our video since it will help us to be more creative in our video later . This is my part of the video during that day.

Err, I am so nervous during that time. My grammar and my pronounciation are all over the place. Huhu. But, I am giving my opinion sincerely based on that question and everything that I am think about this course.

During this class also, En. Helmi have browse some of the videos and tell us that we can use this software called Adobe Premier to edit our video so that our video will be more interesting and have a clearer sound to be watch later. But, En. Helmi used I Video (which can be obtained from MacBook only) to edit our video. But, Adobe Premier is another choice for us that does not own a MacBook. Thank God! I thought that we should use MacBook in order to edit our video although one of our groupmate own MacBook. Hehe.

After that, we are learned more about various angles to shoot our videos. En Helmi told us that this various angles will help us to produce a better video and it will leaved a big impact on our video later. This different angles should be used at the right place and at the right amount of light in order to make it suitable to be used for that current shot.

After that, we are learned about Adobe Sound Booth. Adobe Soundbooth was a digital audio editor by Adobe Systems Incorporated for Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 andMac OS X. Adobe has described it as being “in the spirit of SoundEdit 16 and Cool Edit 2000”. Adobe also has a more powerful program called Adobe Audition, which replaced Soundbooth as of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium. Soundbooth, discontinued in 2011, was aimed at creative professionals who do not specialize in audio or people who need a simple editing program and do not require the full features of Adobe Audition. This software is probably the most difficult one to operate fro me at this time since this is totally new to me and it required a lot of steps in order to use it. This is the example of the soundbooth.


After that, Puan Hazrati took over the class and explained to us about the timeline of our video making. This timeline is plainly to made us know that our video is parallel to the proforma and we can finish our video on time. It is important to follow the proforma to prevent any lateness in our video making.

Fuhhh! That’s all from me for this week. This is a long reflection from me but I am enjoyed doing this. I hope that everybody will have fun reading this (perhaps) and make sure that we can gain something from this. Bye guys and see you again later~~

Have A Wonderful Day Tumblr gif

Reflection 6 : Graphic and Visual Aid(Picnic Outside) ^__^


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and Hello Guys!!

Warghh, it is already 6th week??  The time sure flies really fast!!! It is just less than 10 weeks to go before we are going to be in the final week!! NO!!!!

I am still not in my mood yet to study or doing my assignments. Huhu. But, I have to accept the fact that we are almost halfway of our journey in this 3rd semester. I am just think I should change my bad habit before it is getting worse every single days. =(

p/s : this is what I am feeling every day. Huhuhu.

Okay, lets get back to work. I am pretty sure that I will ready soon if I am keeping my heart and soul in everything I do. ^_^. So, for today’s class, I am expecting it to be totally same as the previous classes, which are we will just sit in the computer lab and learning something new as usual. But, I am shocked when I am opened my Facebook, Ummi had post about today’s activity, which are doing an outdoor activity. Err, honestly, i don’t like outdoor that much. Hehe. but, I am feeling a little relieved when Ummi mentioned that we are going to do this activity at the back of her office under Tiin trees. This means that we are not going to stay under the sunlight. Hehe.

Week 6 Activities~~

Em, it looks like we are going to shoot a video outside of the class with Mr. Helmi. But, before we are shooting the video, we are doing some activity until 10.30 which is presenting our storyboard to the tutors. On top of that, we also doing some Q&A questions regarding this course and Pn. Hazrati and Mr Helmi also recap everything that we learned from the past two weeks. This Q&A questions is run smoothly until 10.30 a.m.

After that, we are heading to the place of our shooting video will take place. But, before that, we are happy to know that Ummi and Kak Ana are providing us with Nasi Lemak and Secret Recipes cake. We are asked to eat first, but, my teammates and I preferred to shoot our video first before we eat. ^__^.

p/s : This is one of the picture that we took before we are doing our video shoot.

Photo: together we r one !! TesL ♡♥♡♥♥Basically, when we are shooting this video, we are not just doing it for fun, of course Ummi have its own objective when we are doing this. We are actually trying to integrate graphic and visual aids into our presentation. It was such a fun day and everybody having fun during this whole time.

During my turn to record the video, Pn. Hazrati asked me this question:

“By doing your reflection and assignment, do you think that it will be burden to you?”

Pheww, it was a hard question actually. But, I am managed to answer it confidently although I am making a lot of grammatical errors. I am answering this question honestly since I am pretty sure that Ummi and all the tutors are expecting me to give an honest answer.

Before 12.30, we are dismissed and I am happy that this class finished happily and without any stress.

Okay, that’s all from me. See you guys again~~ ^___^